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Gender bias in children’s books

Some sad statistics about the male bias even in children’s books. Janice McCabe, assistant professor of sociology at Florida State University led the study in 2011 of nearly 6,000 books published from 1900 to 2000. The results are startling and disappointing; Males are central characters in 57 percent of children’s books published per year, while only 31 percent … Continue reading

A great example of gender neutrality, triggered by a 6 year old!

From http://www.dailylife.com.au/news-and-views/dl-culture/7yearold-girl-writes-letter-ends-companys-sexist-marketing-strategy-20141205-120pcu.html Parker Dains, a 7-year-old schoolkid/bookworm from California, was enjoying a book about insects, when she got to the back page and found that it was part of an ongoing series featuring monsters, dinosaurs and pirates called ‘Biggest, Baddest Books For Boys’. “Dear Publishers: I am a 6-year-old girl and I just read the ‘Biggest, … Continue reading