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Music Links

Some YouTube performers that I like; Rachel K Collier Nothing Is Forever (APC40 MKII & Ableton Live Performance) All You Need Is Love (Ableton Push & Mini Brute Live Performance – Retro Special!) Paper Tiger (Ableton Live Push 2 Performance) I Am Kawehi Anthem By Kawehi (Original by Kawehi) The Way You Make Me Feel … Continue reading

Fix ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED on Inspiron 17

My Dell Inspiron 17 laptop starting giving regular ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED errors when I switched from ADSL2+ via Exetel to NBN via iiNet. Note that this error only occurs when using a LAN cable to directly connect the laptop to the gateway. The error doesn’t happen if connected via Wi-Fi. It seems that the issue is due to … Continue reading

Fix “[Error 5] Access is denied” when upgrading pip on windows

When using pip to install a python package from a Windows command window, pip displayed the following message You are using pip version 7.0.1, however version 8.1.2 is available. You should consider upgrading via the ‘pip install –upgrade pip’ command. However, when I ran that command, pip displayed the following error WindowsError: [Error 5] Access … Continue reading

Cats have 5 grasping appendages

I was watching my cat playing yesterday, and I have come to the conclusion that cats actually have 5 grasping appendage! She was holding a floor mat with her two back paws, a piece of string with one front paw, and another piece of string with the other front paw and her mouth.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is not limited to humans

I have noticed the FOMO abbreviation being used a lot over the past decade or so [1], especially on social media, as if it’s a new thing. But it is not. Fear of missing out goes back into evolutionary time. Anyone who has ever observed two or more cats or dogs will have seen this behaviour. … Continue reading

A thoughtful analysis of the NTSB report of the SpaceShipTwo accident

This article in Flying magazine gives what I think is a very good analysis of the NTSB report of the unfortunate SpaceShipTwo accident. I agree with the author when he states The NTSB chose to find that the cause of the SpaceShipTwo crash was not the inexplicable action of the copilot, but rather the failure of engineers … to … Continue reading

Inspiring story of enabling a boy with Down Syndrome to reach his full potential

This story in the Washington Post tells of how two parents decided to offer their son every possible opportunity. The Antonellis decided to see what an actively competitive home environment could do for Frankie: How might he develop if they thought in terms of maximizing his abilities instead of disabilities? “We know he has limitations,” … Continue reading

Crows as smart as first-graders

From a Livescience article: New Caledonian crows actually do understand how to make water displacement work to their advantage, experiments showed. The results suggest that the birds are, at least in some respects, as smart as first-graders, according to the study. … “The ability to detect and respond to relevant causal properties demonstrated here, is … Continue reading

Animal intelligence and self-awareness

From a New Scientist article published 15 December 2015 (emphasis mine): Alex, the African grey [parrot] trained and studied by Irene Pepperberg at Harvard University, learned 100 words and even made up some of his own, including “ban-erry” – he already knew banana and cherry, and seemed to reason that an apple was somewhere between the two. … Continue reading

Sensible words re ISIL threat from Waleed Aly

Waleed Aly (on Channel 10’s “The Project”) nails it when he says; ISIL leaders would be ecstatic to hear that Muslims have been reportedly threatened and attacked in England, America and here in Australia because this evil organisation has it in their heads that if they can make Muslims the enemy of the West, then … Continue reading