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Inspiring story of enabling a boy with Down Syndrome to reach his full potential

This story in the Washington Post tells of how two parents decided to offer their son every possible opportunity.

The Antonellis decided to see what an actively competitive home environment could do for Frankie: How might he develop if they thought in terms of maximizing his abilities instead of disabilities? “We know he has limitations,” Frank says. “But why should we state those? Why shouldn’t we find out what they are almost by accident?”

Their positive attitude extends to their 2 other sons, who tell friends “He can do everything you can. It just takes him a little longer.”

According to Priya Sunil Kishnani of the Duke Children’s Hospital Comprehensive Down Syndrome Program, who examines Frankie yearly;

“Sometimes we don’t recognize that they can do it,” Krishnani says, “and sometimes we don’t give them the opportunity to do it, and sometimes we don’t have the patience, because it’s just easier to take care of it than to let a child with a disability try to do it, because it takes so much more time. Frankie represents an example of what an individual can do if given the opportunity.”





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