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5 close calls involving nuclear weapons

This article summarises 5 potentially catastrophic close calls involving nuclear weapons. A scientific rocket launch that almost triggered Soviet retaliation, because “U.S. notification of an upcoming satellite launch never made it up the chain of command” A defective computer chip almost triggered US nuclear launch A nuclear bomb fell off a plane above North Carolina 6 cruise missiles … Continue reading

Gender bias in children’s books

Some sad statistics about the male bias even in children’s books. Janice McCabe, assistant professor of sociology at Florida State University led the study in 2011 of nearly 6,000 books published from 1900 to 2000. The results are startling and disappointing; Males are central characters in 57 percent of children’s books published per year, while only 31 percent … Continue reading

The Importance Of Consilience In Science

I had never heard of “Consilience In Science”, but this article by Paul Willis clearly explains it, and perhaps more importantly, why consilience is so important. Consilience means to use several different lines of inquiry that converge on the same or similar conclusions.